About the Therapist

Carlos Nunez has been involved in studying, practising and teaching “Subtle Energy Work” since the early 1980’s until now including Meditation and Relaxation techniques, Kundalini yoga, Jnana yoga as well as South-Central-North American First Nations spiritual traditions, cosmovision and philosophies among other disciplines.

Carlos has also been a Reiki practitioner since 1996. (Reiki Usui levels 1 and 2) Alternative healing has been a passion and a duty engraved into Carlos’ character since his early years.

He has been familiar with “magnet therapy” for several years now, using magnets of low intensity to help others to improve health issues as a complimentary method. In 2007, he became aware of the BIOMAGNETIC PAIR THERAPY system discovered by Dr. Isaac Goiz. By using magnets of medium intensity, in a completely new way, he started learning, integrating and using the Biomagnetic pair.

Carlos undertook the formal training and certification for the “BIOMAGNETIC PAIR THERAPY” system at Concorde, California, taught by Doctor Isaac Goiz himself, in October 2012. Two years later he was certified by Dr Isaac Goiz again on Biomagnetism Level 2.

In 2016 Carlos also trained with Dr David Goiz Martinez in the City of Toronto where he received certification in Bioenergy and learning the ways of biomagnetism of the Third Generation.

This revolutionary new healing method, has helped to relieve the pain and suffering of hundreds of thousands worldwide.

Carlos is currently practising as a Certified Biomagnetism and Reiki Therapist -Levels 1 and 2- in the City of London, Ontario, Canada and the surrounding area with a great success rate.

Dr Goiz & Carlos Nunez
Dr Isaac Goiz & Carlos Nunez
Biomagnetism Therapy course # 173
Concorde - California - USA
October 2012