I have suffered from fibromyalgia for over 20 years and tried to manage with diet and exercise as I did not like the medication prescribed. This regimen helped, but I still dealt with daily pain, swelling, confusion and many sleepless nights. A few years ago, my hip area became quite bad and as a result, I would be bed ridden for many days with severe pain and unable to walk. It wasn't until a dear friend of mine said no more and she sent Carlos to my house to do a magnetic treatment on me. He placed magnets on me the first time strictly for pain management. The next day, I was able to walk and to begin functioning again. With further biomagnetic treatments, my daily pain has vanished, I have no more excruciating hip pain, no swelling, I am able to work out again, and I sleep through the night. I have missed sleep so much and now I am making up for it with wonderful nights of sleep. I truly feel as though I have my life back. I will definitely continue with the 3 month check-up and magnetic therapy to keep everything balanced in order to continue feeling absolutely wonderful.
Thank-you so much, Carlos.
Susan Bailey
London, Ontario

My experience with Biomagnetism has been absolutely positive. The first time I received treatment I felt energized as I haven’t felt in a very long time. I felt lighter, energetic and I felt that I had more strength to carry on with my job and other duties. My second session was even better. For many years, I often had sinus migraines so painful that all that I could do was close my eyes and rest. After one more Biomagnetic treatment (3 in total) all of my pains and aches (migraines) and chronic rheumatic pain on my hands and fingers were completely gone. Now, whenever I feel extremely tired and drained, I get a Biomagnetic treatment and then, I feel fully renewed and recharged. Many thanks, Carlos, for your invaluable help.
Ligia Castro
London, Ontario

Thank you so much Carlos for the Biomagnetic Therapy sessions. It's been about a couple of months now since my sessions were completed. Before the therapy I felt that I was in worse condition than my 75year old mother with respect to my joint pain and energy level. Once I began the therapy it was almost immediately that I felt relief from the joint pain. I now feel much more balanced hormonally and have more clarity of thought and perspective. My energy level has increased and moods are more stabilized. I will be back for regular tune-ups! Thanks again Carlos.
Denise G.
London, Ontario

My Biomagnetism experience has been really amazing with the treatment I have received for different health issues.
My first treatment was related to knee pain that was unbearable one afternoon, so I called Carlos and he gave me treatment founding also a few problems in different parts of my body and the specific one for my knee.
That night when I got home my knee was better but still with pain. The next day when I woke up the pain was gone and I was able to walk normally. I was and I am totally amazed because the other medication I had tried before had not help at all. Now my knee is in very good shape and I try not to over work it to prevent future issues. I continue going for treatments every time I find something wrong with my health because I believe in the healing power of Biomagnetism
Thank you Carlos
Sonia Gutierrez
London, Ontario


Acne , Allergies , Alzheimer , Anemia , Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma , Cancer , Candida , Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Diabetes , Digestive Disorders, Eczema, Fibromyalgia , Fungus, Glandular Dysfunctions, Heartburn, Herpes , Hepatitis , HIV, Lyme Disease , Lupus , Low Energy, Migraines, Parasites , Parkinson's, Psoriasis , Pain, Sciatica, Sinusitis , Skin Disorders , Stress, Rheumatism , Etc...

CARLOS NUNEZ has been certified to provide Biomagnetism Therapy by the Research Centre of Medical Biomagnetism, S.C. in Mexico (El Centro de Investigacion de Biomagnetismo Medico, S.C.), The University of Chapingo, Mexico and by Doctor Isaac Goiz Duran.

He is not a Medical Doctor, nor will he be making a medical diagnosis or providing medical advice or medical care.

You should see a medical doctor to follow-up with medical concerns regarding your health status, and you should understand that Biomagnetism Therapy, is an additional therapy to the medical care provided by a medical doctor.

Biomagnetism Therapy is not a substitute for Physician consultation, evaluation, or treatment.

Biomagnetism Therapy consists of applying medium intensity magnets between 1,000 and 15,000 gauss on certain areas of the body in order to help balance the PH levels of Alkalinity and Acidity in the body to a neutral ideal level.

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